ALA Governance

ALA Governance Meetings & Sessions


Information Session for Members, Councilors, and Executive Board & ALA Membership Meeting

Join your fellow ALA members for the 2022 ALA Information Session and Membership Meeting. This session will include information about the association and provide a forum for members to hear first-hand updates from ALA leaders. Attendees will receive reports from the President, President-Elect, Executive Director, and Treasurer. Councilors and Executive Board members are strongly encouraged to attend this session.

The ALA Membership Meeting provides an opportunity for you to take action in what happens within the association. In addition to discussing topics of importance to library workers, ALA members can bring issues that are important to libraries and librarianship and discuss how they might be addressed within ALA. Resolutions may be introduced which, if passed by the membership, will be forwarded to the ALA Council. Resolutions passed by Council will be acted upon by the Association.

ALA Council Meetings

All Annual Conference attendees are welcome to attend and observe the governing body of ALA, the ALA Council. It delegates authority to the divisions of the Association to plan and carry out programs and activities in accordance with policy establish by Council.

ALA Executive Board Meetings

Executive Board Meetings, other than closed sessions, are open to all Annual Conference attendees. The best way to learn about the affairs of the Association is to observe one of these Board meetings.

ALA Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) Meeting

The ALA Allied Professional Association is a nonprofit organization for the purpose of promoting the mutual professional interests of librarians and other library workers. The ALA-APA is a companion organization to the American Library Association (ALA), an educational association to promote library service and librarianship. The ALA Executive Board and Council also serves as the ALA-APA Board of Directors and ALA-APA Council respectively. All attendees are welcome to observe the ALA-APA governance meetings.

ALA Budget Analysis & Review Committee Meetings

ALA Joint Budget Analysis & Review Committee (BARC)/Finance & Audit Subcommittee (F&A)

Open to all ALA Annual Conference attendees, other than closed sessions, BARC/F&A will review proposed ALA budget and financial reports, review and advise on the financial performance of the association and impact of potential council actions, and make budget and/or fiscal recommendations to the ALA Executive Board or Council.

Planning & Budget Assembly (PBA)/Budget Analysis & Review (BARC) Committee/Division Leadership Meeting 

Open to all ALA Annual Conference attendees, this meeting is for Division, Round Table, Committee and Council representatives to review and provide feedback on ALA budget and financial presentations/reports.